The certified Internet monitoring mechanism

The certified Internet monitoring mechanism

Over 26,000 users have registered for a certified mechanism to monitor the quality of the Internet access, which has been in operation for six months and allows them not only to test the speed of the given service, but also to assert consumer rights if service providers fail to comply with their contractual obligations.

During that time, over 260,000 measurements were made, on the basis of which we created, among other things, a ranking of fixed and mobile operators. The data was prepared in cooperation with V-Speed, which provided the mechanism.

The tool certified by the President of UKE has been available to consumers since 1 December 2018. Unlike other online tools, the PRO Speed TestOtwórz w nowym oknie application verifies under which conditions the measurement was performed. It checks, among other things, such elements as the central processing unit load, type of a network interface card, presence of active VPN lines, intensity of traffic generated in the background, number of devices in the user's home network.

The mechanism consists of an Internet website and applications for desktop computers, WEB and mobile applications (available on Android and iOS systems). In line with the law, the measurement of a fixed line made by means of the mechanism enables determining non-conformity of performance and allows consumers to effectively claim their rights against the service provider. Due to legal and technical conditions, the measurement results obtained with the WEB and mobile applications are primarily informative.

During the first half year, users made over 17,000 certified measurements, and 260,000 in total. The average download speed for fixed-line internet and for mobile Internet was 108.3 Mb/s and 22.4 Mb/s, respectively. The upload speed was 38.6 and 11.1 Mb/s, respectively.