Accessibly about online safety

The virtual world is addictive. Also to the young people, who are not always aware of the dangers. How to use the Internet safely, how not to fall prey to scammers, how to take care of digital hygiene? This is what you will learn during a workshop run by the Accessibility Unit.

The workshops are dedicated to people on the autism spectrum and people with intellectual disabilities. The teaching method and materials are adapted to the cognitive abilities of the participants. We try to follow the individual needs of each person, so the workshop group should not be large.

The workshops are scheduled in a cycle and include four topics::

  1. Netiquette - rules of behaviour, mutual respect and basics of safety
  2. How not to be fooled – about online dangers
  3. How not to get sucked in – about addiction to being online all the time
  4. How to be your safe self online - repetition and consolidation of knowledge.

Workshops are free of charge. Would you like to invite us to your place? Write an e-mail with a proposal date to an e-mail address: or call: +48 532 567 305 +48 22 534 93 92