Sensitivity to disabilities

Everyone of us is different, we have our own opinions and individual preferences. Some of us like tomato soup with rice, others with pasta, and yet others prefer cucumber soup. Some of us walk around in a pair of sneakers with coloured laces, while others prefer Velcro shoes. Sometimes it's not just a matter of taste, but also a matter of need: for various reasons, some people find it difficult to tie their laces by themselves and need other ways to fasten their shoes.

Openness to diverse needs, especially those of people with disabilities, is something worth developing from an early age.

The Accessibility Unit invites you to activities for pre-school and early school children on sensitivity to disabilities.

During the workshops we will try to break down barriers, dispel stereotypes and familiarise ourselves with disability.

Participants will learn, among other things:

  • Who is a person with a disability and what needs they may have
  • How to behave towards a person with disabilities, how to address them so as not to offend them
  • How Deaf people communicate - phrases of politeness and basic words in Polish Sign Language

At each meeting, we host a person with a disability to whom participants may ask questions.

Workshops are free of charge. Would you like to invite us to your place? Write an e-mail with a date proposal to: or call: +48 532 567 305 +48 22 534 93 92