Workshops in PJM

The Internet makes our lives easier in many cases. We can run an errand at the local authority, do our shopping, quickly find the information we need, pay our bills. Thanks to the Internet, we can make friends or keep in touch with them through various communicators. Unfortunately, the digital world is not free of dangers - someone may break into our bank account or e-mail account, or we may receive a brick in a box instead of the goods we ordered.

The Accessibility Unit invites you to workshops carried out in Polish Sign Language (PJM). These whorkshops are adjusted to the needs and interests of the participants. The classes are conducted by native PJM users who are also UKE employees.

Topics of choice:

  • How to secure your online account
  • I know what I'm signing
  • Online banking
  • Shopping online
  • Trusted profile and ePUAP
  • Roaming
  • SMS premium rate

Workshops are free of charge. Would you like to invite us to your place? Write an e-mail with a proposal date and your chosen topic to: