2021 Summary

It was a dynamic year of education with UKE. Although still constrained by the pandemic, we were able to meet our goals. We launched the #JaOnline (“#IOnline”) campaign on consumer online safety. As part of the campaign, we developed free online courses for you, hosted webinars and lectures, provided consumer advice as part of Senioralia, and participated in radio and television broadcasts.

We also conducted webinars as part of the I click sensibly campaign and Coding with UKE workshop. Although our classes are currently taught online, they are consistently very popular with schools. We have published a guide “I click sensibly” for teachers and parents. The guide is recommended and available, among others, on the websites of the Education Offices and the Ministry of Education and Science.

We would like to thank the partners with whom we collaborated, e.g. by conducting joint webinars, organizing workshops and lectures, and who, like UKE, are concerned with the improvement of consumer skills.

New challenges lie ahead. We’re not slowing down.