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Amenities for people with special needs - guide and recommendations

What amenities can people with special needs in the telecommunications and postal market expect? How should operators adapt their services? How will the availability of services and amenities change?

We want to help consumers understand their rights and operators in adjusting their offers and services. Therefore, we have developed two publications:
• a practical guide for consumers "Let's stay in touch "
• recommendations for telecommunications and postal entrepreneurs " Connectivity " - we have prepared this publication together with experts from the Integration Foundation, who work with the community of people with special needs on a daily basis.

The publication "Let's stay in touch" is addressed to the consumer who expects operators to be available, friendly and offer services tailored to their needs. According to the 2020 consumer survey among people with special needs, over 70% of respondents do not know that telecommunications operators are obliged to provide facilities for people with disabilities, or what facilities they can use with their operator. The guide contains a complete set of information related to the amenities that the consumer may legally expect from the operator providing the services.

Recommendations for telecommunications and postal operators "Connectivity" set the directions of changes and indicate solutions that will ensure the availability of services for various groups of users, regardless of their age, gender, physical parameters, degree of fitness, habits, preferences and other factors.

The document contains information that will constitute guidelines for both markets, the aim of which is to help entrepreneurs design and implement solutions that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

The recommendations will be sent to managers of telecommunications and postal companies responsible for the development of standards and their implementation.

The publications are available (in Polish) here.