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Click sensibly #keepCTRL - new UKE educational campaign

Violence, hate, patostream, sexting - these are just some of the phenomena that young people face today using the Internet. That is why we are launching a new educational project Click sensibly #keepCTRL, during which we will warn children and their guardians about dangerous phenomena on the network and teach how to use the internet responsibly.

Almost 9 out of 10 children use the Internet every day. It mainly serves them to play online (69%), listen to music (59%) and watch movies (53%). Consumer research conducted by Danae and Realization commissioned by UKE shows that inappropriate age content that children most often encountered online was violence and cruelty, nudity and sexual acts. According to the majority of parents, there is too much violence, sex and swearing on the internet. Less than half of the parents use parental controls in the context of children's Internet use.

Contact with inappropriate content can result in learning problems, emotional disorders, alienation, complexes, and health problems. That is why the education of children and their guardians in the safe use of the Internet is so important.

The action Click sensibly #keepCTRL, addressed to children in grades 6-8, aims to draw attention to phenomena such as online challenges, sexting / sextortion, hate and FOMO, MOMO, FOJI and JOMO. As part of the UKE educational campaign, four films were made showing the above-mentioned phenomena. We will show them to young people during special classes conducted at schools throughout Poland. The shows will be accompanied by meetings with UKE experts who will advise you on how to protect yourself from cyberbullying. We have been conducting pilot classes since September in the Mazowieckie Province. The nationwide campaign is starting in December.

Education with UKE

UKE runs three educational campaigns targeted at children and seniors. One of them is Click sensibly, which has so far covered children aged 6-12. During the classes we talk about how to safely navigate the network and use telecommunications devices. We teach how to deal with aggression, protect data and avoid high bills. So far, we have organized 1400 meetings attended by 130,000 children.

Other UKE educational campaigns include Coding with UKE, where children learn the basics of programming and I know what I am signing, protecting older people from the practices of dishonest sales representatives representing operators. As part of these actions, we have already trained 10,000 and 25,000 people.



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