Control testing in National Census

Did you attend the National Census of Population and Housing? During the period from 12 until 24 November, you may receive a call by a representative of the Central Statistical Office of Poland to make a control test. It is intended to assess the quality of the previous census. The test will cover 100,000 flats that were selected on a random basis.

Their representatives, i.e. the adults being the first respondent in the census, may expect to be called by a pollster using telephone number 22 828 88 88. They will be asked questions about their place of residence, education, the ownership of the flat or the manner in which the census was taken, among other things. We are required to answer them – the test is obligatory (Article 27 of the Act of 9 August 2019 on the National Census of Population and Housing 2021).

Note! Please be aware that criminals impersonating the employees of the Office may attempt, like during any action of this kind, to obtain our personal data under false pretences. Such crimes using voice conversations are called ‘vishing’. How not to get caught and make sure we are actually talking to a representative of the Central Statistical Office of Poland?

• Check carefully the number from which you receive a call. The number the pollsters will use is: 22 828 88 88.
• Do not give any personal details over the telephone, before you make sure you are talking to a representative of the Central Statistical Office of Poland.
• The identity of the pollster may be verified on the basis of his/her data by calling at 22 279 99 99 or by visiting the Internet website: https://spis.gov.pl/

More information on the testing and on the concrete questions that will be asked are available on the Internet website: https://spis.gov.pl/  

You may refer to one of our free online courses to learn more about vishing and other fraud attempts (click here to go to the courses). You will learn the most important rules for staying safe in the Internet and on the telephone.