Do you know what your child is doing online. SIECIAKI can help!

Do you know what your child is doing online? Do you talk to him about his use of the Internet? What amuses them, what do they like and what bothers them?

Research shows that almost all school-age children use the Internet. Most often, they start using the Internet regularly at the age of 7-8. We are not going to change that and we shouldn’t see the Internet as a evil, scary medium. The Internet gives us the possibility of communication, access to knowledge and entertainment. Unfortunately, it also carries risks for both children and us, adults.

It is very important that we support the youngest in getting to know the virtual world. The youngest children are not able to recognize threats on their own and react to them appropriately. That is why parental education and involvement are so important.

In order to learn to talk to children, we need to know the dangers ourselves and what our children are interested in. Here we recommend our guide for parents and teachers – Consumer Information Center (uke.gov.pl)

We recommend the Sieciaki series of books to children and parents. These are books for early school age children that will help them to understand the dangers of the Internet. The series was created under the patronage of the Empowering Children Foundation.


Sieciaki. Mission to safe Internet.

The book tells about the evil Sieciuchy, who under the leadership of Pure Evil, want to take over the Internet. They want to make children addicted to screens drag them to their side.

Sieciaki Twarzozmieniacz and the Grand Gala of the Fame

In the second part, Sieciuchy want to kidnap children and create network trolls out of them. They lure them with the promise of Internet fame. They count on their idle chase after likes. Sieciaki have to face them onece again.


More information can be found at Sieciaki.pl – Dla rodziców - Edukacyjne książki dla dzieci

It is worth reaching for these books, reading with the children, getting to know their world and of course to talk.