I click sensibly – how to protect your personal data?

In cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO), we gave a lecture on the safety of young people online . The lecture was addressed to class 7 and 8 pupils of the primary schools that participate in the 12th edition of the national educational programme Twoje dane – Twoja sprawa [Your Data – Your Business] of the Personal Data Protection Office.

During the webinar, Aleksandra Mokrzycka, Katarzyna Grabowska and Arkadiusz Michałowski from the Office of Electronic Communications explained, among other things, what phishing means and what a young Internet user/teenager needs to pay attention to in order not to become a victim of a fraud, how to take care of their personal data and funds on their bank account. During the lecture, we also discussed how to stay anonymous on the Internet, sexting and sextortion, as well as the consequences of not protecting our image. We also explained to the participants what a digital footprint is, what data about us are collected by search engines or social media, and how to take care of our privacy.

The expert of the Personal Data Protection Office pointed out how important it is to protect our data and shape conscious attitudes among the youths.

The main purpose of the Your Data – Your Business programme is to expand the educational offer of the vocational training institutions for teachers, primary schools and secondary schools by adding content related to the protection of personal data and the right to privacy. Detailed information about the programme is available on the Internet website of the Personal Data Protection Office ‘Twoje dane – Twoja sprawa – UODO [Your data – Your business – Personal Data Protection Office]’.

We are happy about the cooperation and the involvement in this educational project.

The transmission was supported by the Centre for Computer Education and Applications in Warsaw.