UKE employees on webinar

UKE’s workshop on hate addressed to teachers

What is hate speech and what is constructive criticism? Where is the line between freedom of speech and violation of dignity? How to react to hate? What tools can we use, what sanctions can we apply?

We answered these questions on October 1, during the 14th International Conference Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online. Milena Górecka, Aleksandra Mokrzycka and Arkadiusz Michałowski conducted an on-line workshop for teachers: Freedom of speech or hate? How to react to the behavior of children and young people? The workshop was very popular among conference participants. UKE’s educators have discussed the phenomena faced by the youngest Internet users on specific examples.

We would like to thank the teachers who participated in the workshop for their active participation and for presenting their experiences in working with students and parents. Such meetings are an opportunity to broaden the knowledge and develop ways of reacting to negative phenomena on the Internet.