Grafika do badania.

Accessibility testing of websites and mobile applications of telecommunication and postal undertakings.

A website is accessible when people with disabilities have full access to its content, can understand it and can navigate or interact with it comfortably. However, people with disabilities are not the only ones who need information on the Internet to be accessible. A person with impaired vision is not so different from a person with permanent visual impairment. For both these service users, the contrast of the text in relation to the background is very important. Web services must therefore be universally accessible. Thanks to this approach, accessible websites can be used by all people.


Research conducted for UKE by SoftCream Software Sp. z o.o. was aimed at assessing the adaptation of websites, mobile sites and applications of telecommunications and postal companies to the needs of people at risk of social exclusion.


The study covered


- 34 websites of telecommunication undertakings;

- 15 websites of postal undertakings;

- 20 applications.

In this year's study on digital accessibility of mobile applications of telecommunications and postal companies, two applications received a good grade, six applications received a sufficient grade, five applications received a poor grade. Two postal undertakings sites saw a decrease in digital accessibility, four operators improved their score. Also in the case of telecom undertakings sites, two sites saw a decrease in the level of digital accessibility, while six operators improved their score.


The results clearly show that both websites and mobile apps still need work on accessibility implementation.


We invite you to read the detailed results.