• Accessibly about online safety

    01 february 2024

    more Accessibly about online safety

  • Workshops in PJM

    01 february 2024

    more Workshops in PJM

  • Sensitivity to disabilities

    01 february 2024

    more Sensitivity to disabilities

  • #keepCTRL

    10 january 2020

    Violence, hate, patostream, sexting - these are just some of the phenomena that young people face today using the Internet. more #keepCTRL

  • I know what I'm signing

    08 march 2018

    This campaign is addressed to persons who conclude contracts, especially to seniors. They are the ones who most often become victims of dishonest sales representatives of different operators. How to avoid being deceived? more I know what I'm signing

  • Coding with UKE

    08 march 2018

    Coding is the language of the future. We support the development of digital competences among children and young people. more Coding with UKE

  • Click sensibly

    07 march 2018

    Internet is a source of both fun and knowledge, as well as a communications tool. However, one should know how to use it safely. more Click sensibly